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The Bella Terra team, in partnership with experts with considerable experience in teambuilding organization, offers a variety of training activities to companies’ managing teams and employees.

  • On request we will design a program package tailored to your personnel’s specific needs.
  • Psychologists and trainers who have obtained their qualifications in Bulgaria, Austria and the USA
  • Facilitators and philosophical consultants certified in Germany and the UK
  • Young and highly motivated professional


  • Philosophical counseling – Socratic dialog
  • Psychological counseling – psychodrama, focus-groups, sensitive and group dynamics training, etc.
  • learning by experiencing and participating


Successful company development is related to each employee’s and each manager’s successful personal development. Each person’s complete and harmonious development, sense of success and achievement, positive assessment in their company and sense of prospective professional development influence motivation and lead to higher productivity on a personal level, hence to increasing work efficiency in the company.

During training, we use role-plays resembling real-live business routine. The participants solve problems in given situations using innovative approaches and thought and behavior models. We offer interactive training forms, such as marketing training, sales training, training in human resources management, distribution training, etc.


Leadership and management skills

  • conflict management
  • change management
  • stress management
  • risk taking and risk assessment skills
  • project analysis, control and management skills
  • life-long learning

Corporate culture and values

  • leadership
  • responsibility
  • loyalty
  • trust
  • mutual respect
  • workplace harmony

Personal and social skills

  • stress understanding and management skills
  • dealing with conflicts
  • emotional intelligence
  • communication skills
  • motivating personnel for successful personal growth



  • performance management
  • motivation management
  • communications management
  • teamwork management
  • team development
  • change management
  • nonverbal communication, trust and tolerance

Client service

  • attending to clients
  • business skills
  • presentation skills
  • selling services and products
  • personal impact

 Negotiating with partners

  • negotiating skills
  • conflict solving
  • negotiating tactics
  • impression management
  • nonverbal communication and personal impact
  • argumentation and persuasiveness

Business communications and presentation skills

  • presentation skills
  • presentation behavior
  • presentation time management and organization
  • listening skills
  • facilitating group discussions


Human resources management

  • introduction to the labor market
  • introduction to job search strategies
  • analysis of vacancies and current conditions of the environment
  • preparation for and handling of structured interviews
  • assessing candidates
  • profile and report preparation



Outdoor training

  1. sport activities, competitions and games
  2. extreme experiences and adventure teambuilding
  3. simulation games
  4. effective communication and stress management
  5. human behavior understanding and management
  6. orientation, rock climbing, caving, ecological paths, fishing
  7. cultural and historic tourism
  8. stress-relievers, energizers, health-improvement activities for the whole team

We are offering you an awesome opportunity for extreme team-building

  • Rock climbing – in the vicinity of the Dryanovo Monastery, along fully equipped and safe routes
  • Rappel – vertical rope descent of the teambuilding participants
  • Trolley- moving horizontally along a rope
  • Caving – entering and experiencing a new world- the different world of the caves Underwater diving – available if the cave conditions allow it;
  • Orienteering – map and compass orienteering  in woods and mountains
  • Paintball
  • Skiing – in the Uzana area
  • Ecotrails- 10 leva per day per person
  • Bungee jumping – a 30-metre jump from the Yantra River Bridge in Veliko Tarnovo
  • Rafting- whitewater rafting in an inflatable boat
  • Philosophical dialogues on different topics.

Reasons to choose us:
  • We are creative and innovative in fulfilling your desires;
  • We organize the whole event- transport, food and lodging, team building programs, instructors and psychologists.
  • The place for your team building program is perfectly chosen to combine team building benefits with personal enrichment and growth.
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