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The Apollonia Festival in Sozopol
A festival of arts with a twist of history and a pinch of sunny beaches

Just when you think that the carefree days of swimming and playing in the turquoise waters of the Black Sea are over, Bulgaria finds a way to surprise you with one last warm sunbeam that chases autumn away and puts the big and shiny smile of summer back on your face. This isn’t an ordinary sunbeam, though. It comes in a rather unusual shape and can be seen and felt by people only at a particular time of the year – between the last week of August and the first week of September.
The Apollonia Festival of Arts is one of the hottest and most awaited annual cultural events organised on the territory of the country. It attracts musicians, artists, performers, sculptors, writers, directors and audiences from all around the globe.
Its immense popularity is pretty much down to the fact that the festival has always been able to demonstrate its impressive versatility and create a magic atmosphere that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

A simple glimpse at Apollonia’s programme is enough to prove that point. It is as varied and exciting as it can get. The list comprises an endless number of events ranging from classical, traditional and jazz concerts, literary readings, theatrical and dance performances to fine art exhibitions and film showings, all of which share one common goal – to promote culture and celebrate its great values.

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